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What Men Secretly Want Review

What Men Secretly Want ReviewHeard of What Men Secretly Want Review? What a woman wants is to have a happy and successful relationship with her man that would surely go a long way.

A woman wants her partner to make her feel very special each day, to hear the words “I love you”, for her partner to take her out to romantic dates, and most importantly, for him to remain faithful to her. That is to refer to the desires of women who are in a relationship.


Women vs Men

Relatively, women are more vocal than men when it comes to letting their partners know about their demands. Thus, there may be times when women may neglect the feelings and desires of their partners, or more specifically what men secretly want.

This often leads to painful break-ups and even divorces. They say, there is a very wide gap between how men and women think and perceive things regarding all areas of life. The same goes with relationship.


Help is Here

To those women who are worrisome and troubled about the current situation of their relationship which seems to drift apart, James Bauer narrates on a website, whatmensecretlywant.com, and reveals how women could maintain a happy and lasting relationship with their partners.

James Bauer introduces the Respect Principle which generally discloses that what men secretly want is for the women to respect them, and for her to understand his deeper feelings and emotions.


Men Wants

What men secretly want is for their partners to give to them the respect they have always wanted along with that deep understanding for his actions and emotions and how to deal with them. The moment a woman masters this activity, she would make her man be completely drawn and attracted to her.

Men would also give the real commitment women want in their relationship as they have seen her in a different way than before.


Love Guru

In his book How to Make Him Desire You, Alex Carter mentions several significant key points that play a vital role in keeping the fire lit when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships. Alex Carter notes of 3 helpful and efficient tips on how women could basically attract a man.

The first one says that a woman should “create within him a feel of impulsive love for you.” This implies that what is more important than wearing a sexy dress and preparing him a delicious food is to have an emotional attachment with the man. The woman must also make a creative way so that her man would be afraid to lose her.

The second tip involves “induce his body with pleasure hormones”. This means that a woman must learn not just to simply attract her man but to always make him feel addicted to her by initiating and making moves that would make her man feel the intense addiction towards his woman.

Through this way, a woman could make her man be endlessly faithful to her and be assured of the commitment that he has to offer.

Lastly, “make him ache with real passion for you”. This last tip points out that women should always enchant their man and make them feel strong and always capable.



By this, men are usually driven to protect and treat their women special. Taken together, a woman who knows what men secretly want could surely win the heart of any man she desires. Come and learn more effective ways now.

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