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Pull Your Ex Back Review

Pull Your Ex Back ReviewFacts on Pull Your Ex Back Review are here. Breaking up has always been one of the hardest moments in one’s life. It gives someone a massive unpleasant feeling that keeps him or her from sleeping at night.

Breaking up opens unwanted emotions, ache and loss of hope especially when you know you gave everything to someone who just decided to leave you in the end.

There must be times when you find yourself doing anything to pull your ex back but only had more rejections in the end.


Feeling Hurt

Having the urge to pull your ex back after a break up is just a normal reaction especially when you truly loved him or her; but it is also a very hurtful experience. Everyone is open to experience a heart wrenching break up even once, and that includes Ryan Hall, an average guy who has just been dumped by his girlfriend over the phone.



He, like a lot of people, experienced a depressive state after the break up, especially when the thought of seeing his ex-girlfriend in the arms of another man came to mind. But unlike other people, he became so determined to get back his girl that he researched and read a lot of psychology-related relationship guides until he finally came up with something that sounds so easy yet effective.


Tried and Tested

He tried out the technique and quickly found his ex-girlfriend crying on his front door, begging him to forgive what she did and be his girlfriend again. Ryan Hall couldn’t believe that a simple technique could work so easily.

He called this technique the “Pull Your Ex Back Formula”. But unlike some complicated formulas in math, this only has two main steps.


Step 1

The first step is to appeal to your ex’s emotional side. As psychology books state, there are two sides of the brain, the conscious and the unconscious side. The conscious controls the logical thinking or the thoughts of the person while the unconscious side controls one’s feelings and emotions.

If you have seen couples who suffered a lot of unbearable moments together but  just continuously end up getting back together, that is because the unconscious side of the mind wins over the conscious side; making logical reasoning less important than the emotions.

In relation to this, to pull your ex back, you must know the ways to control the emotional side of your ex and activate feelings of love and affection.


Step 2

The next step is to change his feelings towards your mental image. A mental image is the representation of an actual person in another person’s mind. In other words, it is the picture a person sees when he or she thinks of someone.

It is usually connected to a certain type of feeling; either anger, frustration, longing or love. In your case, you’d want to make his or her heart to tart beating faster whenever your mental image comes up.

Now, you must be asking how you can do those steps. The answer lies with just a few changes on your vocabulary. Yes, you can pull your ex back with just a play of words.



Ryan’s technique was so easy and undeniably effective that, eventually, a friend, with the same situation as Ryan Hall had been, asked for his advice and was dumbfounded to find it work. The friend promoted Ryan to his cousin and, sooner or later, too many people asked for Ryan’s advices.

At first, Ryan got too overwhelmed and decided to just say ‘no’ to some who ask for his help but he couldn’t get past the guilt of not sharing what he knows to other people so he decided to make an online course.

In Pull Your Ex Back review, which offers the word by word lines you can say to your ex to get him or her back to you and keep him or her attracted as long as you want. This also includes a number of other effective techniques that can surely help you to keep the love alive.

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    Thanks for such a wonderful article. I found your excellent website and constantly keeps coming back for more. The tips given by you are simple but very effective. I have use it to Pull My Ex Back within 3 days after getting the course. Highly recommend to ladies who deserve the best in attracting their men back fast!

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