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Magnetic Messaging Review

Magnetic Messaging ReviewSo you think Magnetic Messaging Review is hot? Some people find it difficult to start a conversation and start a friendship with other people.

This is especially true for men who are figuring out how to initiate a conversation with a girl they like and how to avoid the agony of waiting or rejection.

While text messaging becomes almost a way of life nowadays, only few knows how to use this tool in the context of dating relationship.

Text messaging can be a powerful tool in starting and enlivening romantic relationships.

Bobby Rio, a well- known dating expert, created the book Magnetic Messaging which teaches men on how to ignite feeling of intimacy and connection with a girl using only text messaging.


What is Magnetic Messaging?

Magnetic Messaging is a detailed texting guide about using texting and messaging designed especially for men to get the girl they’re wooing. It is a downloadable EBook that covers range of situations with a girl whether you just met her or just trying to maintain connection with her. It comes with PowerPoint presentation by the author, reports and free books about texting and messaging.


The Keylock Sequence

One of the common misconceptions about attraction is that it’s either white or black. The truth is attraction can change at any moment. It means that you can still get the girl you wanted even though she didn’t like you initially. The secret lies in what Bobby termed The Keylock Sequence that can work efficiently without you adding the wrong ingredients.

He explained that women expect things to happen quickly once she thinks she’s attracted to you, any delay thereof could mean of completely losing her interest towards you. You might wonder what went wrong or which part you messed up.

No worry! In Magnetic Messaging, Bob teaches us how to use phone to turn a girl’s on and to amplify attraction. He gives three rules in chemistry and attraction that can unlock a woman’s hidden emotional and sexual desires for you.

Firstly, send emotional text, emotions is equal to attention. It means that the more emotional reaction you generate from her, the more attracted she becomes towards you. It’s what the author called “Mental Monopoly” which allows men to get a girl’s attention and spark her emotions by only sending her text messages.

Once you got her attention, the next thing to do is to create emotional connection with her. This time, you turn those emotions into your favor and make her feel that you both have connections. By doing so, you make her feel something special and she would start imagining spending time with you in the future.

The last but not the least magnetic texting technique is getting into her mind and planting the idea of being with you in her mind. Girls will start giving you more attention than ever as she realizes your similarities.



Magnetic Messaging Review put texting into a higher level in the context of dating and relationship. It shows how text can act like magnets in attracting more attentions from a girl.

The secret in monopolizing a girl’s attention is not by bombarding her with so many text messages everyday but by sending her the right text. Texting her cheap and plain messages would only annoy her. So be sure to text her genuine and personalized messages that spark positive emotions to her.

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  1. Brian says:

    To be honest, I have read many website reviews on Magnetic Messaging program. Many just gave fake discount or offer without much good and real information regarding the product. Yours is simply amazing and I just love it. I am so happy that finally, someone give really good review. Well, I just bought and read it. I have learn many new things and hope to apply soon. Best of luck to your all.

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